Uganda is a land-locked country in East Africa surrounded by Kenya on the East, Zaire to the West, Sudan to the North and Tanzania to the South. The altitude and the influence of lake Victoria in the South moderate Uganda's equatorial climate. Spring is the wettest period. The population is 20.6 million.


Robusta plants were spontaneously found by Lake Victoria around 1860. The Arabica trees were first introduced from Malawi at the beginning of 20th century. Today, Robusta coffee is grown around Lake Victoria while the Arabica is cultivated in the Bugishu district around Mount Elgon and in the Wugars district in Eastern Uganda. Coffee brings in 93% of export earnings of Uganda.

SPECIES: Arabica

ALTITUDE AT WHICH GROWN: 4,000 - 7,000 ft

PREPARATION METHOD: “Washed” and “Unwashed”


Robusta - 2,900,000 bags  (99-00 crop)

Arabica - 200,000 bags (99-00 crop)

SHIPMENT PERIOD: Robusta - All year

Arabica - January - June


Uganda Bugishu AA: Grown around Mount Elgon in the Northeast of Uganda, it has an attractive bean style, similar in shape to Latin American, rather different from the Bourbon style of Kenya. It is a well balanced coffee with medium body, fine acidity and a pleasantly spicy flavor.

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