This 50th state of the U.S.A. is archipelago of eight islands in the area of Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The climate is fairly mild with slight temperature variances. It has the rainy season from April to October and the rest of the year is dry. The population is 1.9 million.


The coffee tree was first brought in from Brazil by missionaries in 1818.It is mostly grown on the Big Island along the drier western side of the Kona district. Its volcanic soil plus its “automatic shade” - a cloud cover that moves in every afternoon - provide ideal condition for coffee cultivation. Recently, production has also started on Maui and Molokai islands.

SPECIES: Arabica

ALTITUDE AT WHICH GROWN: 750 ft. - 2,500 ft.


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 22,400 bags  (98-99 crop)

SHIPMENT PERIOD: October - April


Hawaiian Fancy & Extra Fancy: Grown along the Western Kona coast, these are the best of the Hawaiian coffees. These coffees are well prepared and offer a wonderfully spicy coffee with medium body and flavor with balanced acidity and sweetness.

Personal Comments:


Some “pure” Konas have a unique taste but are easily lost in the usual “Kona Blend” where only a small percentage of the “pure” Kona is added. Some recent State of Hawaii legislation to have a minimum of 10% of Kona coffee in a roasted blend has helped to correct this situation in Hawaii. However, in the rest of the 49 States, you do not have to include any Kona coffee in a “Kona Blend”! This coffee is over priced but will always enjoy the romance of being one of the only coffees grown in the United states.

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