The country is located in the northern corner of South America and has borders both with the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Colombia is crossed from the south to the north by three mountain chains and it has got a large variety of climates. The Pacific coastal areas receive upto 195 in. of rain a year. The Atlantic coast is little drier while the Andes have three climatic regions - hot lowland, temperate uplands and cold highlands. The population is 37.4 million.


It is said that the first coffee trees came to Colombia from Venezuela and that it was a Spanish priest who first harvested a coffee tree in Colombian territory. It is also said that for a long time he did it as a way of asking for forgiveness for his sins. After that coffee started to be cultivated in many parts of the country, especially in the Region Cafetera (coffee region).Out of total 3.6 million hectares devoted to agriculture, 869,000 hectares (24%) are used for coffee production. Colombia is the second highest coffee producer in the world and about 500,000 families depend in different ways on the coffee industry.

SPECIES: Arabica - Caturra 43%

- Typica/Bourbon 30%

- Colombia 27%

ALTITUDE AT WHICH GROWN: 2,500 - 5,100 ft.


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 9,512,000 bags (99-00 crop)

SHIPMENT PERIOD: Main crop - September - February

Fly crop - April - June


Colombia Supremo SKN Caribecafe Astor Libano: Grown around Neiva (capital of Huila district), Astor Libano is the finest and the most consisitent Colombia Supremo. There are only 7,000 bags produced of this quality in a year. This fine coffee has a rich buttery flavor and medium to full body with a delicate aroma.

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