Brazil is a large country the size of the United States of America, covering total of 3,265,059 sq. miles. Located between 33 degrees South and 4 degrees South of the equator, it covers many different climate zones. The rains generally start in late September, October and November producing the flowering. The rains continue through May when the dry season arrives just in time for the harvest. Brazil has a population of 164 million.


The first coffee trees were brought by the French in the early eighteenth century. Today, Brazil is the leading coffee producer in the world. The main coffee producing regions are the states of Parana, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso Do Sul, Rio De Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Bahia. They cover very different growing environments. The mountains of Guaxupe to the high rolling plains of the Cerrado where fine arabica coffees are grown. It stretches to the coastal mountains of Espirito Santo and the flat lands of Rondono where the robusta coffees are produced. Brazil truly produces something for every taste.

SPECIES: Arabica and Robusta

ALTITUDES AT WHICH GROWN: The majority of the Arabica trees are grown between 2,000 - 4,500 ft. The Robusta trees are grown from near sea level to 3,000 ft.

PREPARATION METHOD: “Natural”, “Semi-washed” & “Washed”

ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 30,000,000 bags (99-00 crop)



Brazil Screen 17/18 Mogiana Coffee Type “Majestic”: This coffee is grown in the Mogiana district of Brazil at al altitude of approximately 3,200 ft. It is prepared by “natural” process, patio dried, machine cleaned graded in s screen 17/18 and sorted by electronic machines. Annual production of these superb coffees is only 1,500 bags. It has a fine cup, fully strictly soft, ideal for espresso blends.

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